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In France (at least in my previous jobs), after lunch we would usually go for a 10-15 minute coffee break before getting back to work. That hasn't been happening here although I think I spotted tea stands out on the street... so that might be me a new habit in the near future. In the... Continue Reading →

The drive home

A driver picks me up in the morning and drops me home in the evening. I do not have my own driver, usually I ride with my manager and her driver. But she is currently out of town. Another person's driver has been picking me up in the morning but in the evening I use... Continue Reading →

A walk around my neighborhood

The week ends here are on Friday and Saturday. I work every other Saturday but I had this one off. My roomates and I wanted to go to Sonargaon which is about an hour away but when we woke up on Saturday it was pouring rain so we decided to stay home instead. When the... Continue Reading →

Week 1: fun facts

I've been in Dhaka 1 week, I'm alive and loving it. A few random thoughts & facts about my first week : I walked an average on 5 000 steps a day and that's including 3 field visits... Which means I spend most my time sitting at work, in a car, at home. There's not... Continue Reading →

"The FOOD" article has been updated with answers to your questions.


Before arriving, I asked my friend Google "What kind of food do they eat in Bangladesh?" And the answer was: "Different traditional flat breads include Luchi, Porota, Bakhorkhani, Nan, Ruti, Rice Flour Flatbread, Chitai Pitha, and many more. Dishes made from chicken, beef, fish or mutton, as well as dal (a spicy lentil soup) and... Continue Reading →

First steps in the City

Today was my second day spent on the streets in Dhaka, visiting stores in different areas of the city. It felt great to finally be on the streets, among the daily life, really feeling the city's vibe. I posted some pictures and videos on my Instagram (also, take a look at my Instagram Story on... Continue Reading →

First things first

I arrived yesterday morning, all went very smoothly... all is good. I still haven't found the words to describe this city. I'm in an overwhelming state, trying to realize that this is real, trying to take it all in... So I could write about passing airport security with a suitcase containing wine, cheese and ham,... Continue Reading →

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