Some like it hot

I still don’t have a plane ticket but I’m supposed to fly out on the 13th which is Thursday… In 3 days.

I figured it might be time for me to start packing. I usually tend to wait for the very last minute and then get all nervous. I’m going to try and change that.

3 months have to fit in there. Easy Peasy.


Considering how HOT it’s going to be, it would tempting to throw in a few pairs of shorts & tank tops. But no… I’m going for work + it is culturally unacceptable for a woman to show body parts…

Fun twist to this packing task.


One thought on “Some like it hot

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  1. I’m looking forward to all you write about Bangladesh and your time there. Dealing with the heat and humidity, as well as the time change and culture shock, will probably be initial challenges, but you may well be so fascinated by where you are that you don’t notice them that much. Every good wish to you from the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., Leslie


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