Taking off

I’m sitting in the plane in Dubai, waiting for take off. 

This is it, in about 5 hours I will finally be in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

I’m excited and a bit scared too. But as I like to believe that “if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”… it’s all good. 

The flight from Paris was about 6.5 hours and all went smoothly. I’m flying with Emirates for the first time and I like it. It seems like the planes are more spacious and not as noisy as others I’ve been on. I have plenty of leg room, it’s not freezing, the lighting is cool and they serve mango juice. Oh and major plus : baggage allowance was 30kg + a 7kg cabin bag. (Happy me, i usually always freak out about exceeding the weight limit so this felt luxurious)


Here are the first snaps of my 3 months experience. Thankfully my Brother rode to the airport with me and carried my heavy suitcase 🙂

I changed into my new outfit before boarding the second plane 😉


12 thoughts on “Taking off

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  1. Wishing you every wonderful thing as you undertake this life changing experience-strength and safety too! Looking forward to sharing your journey through your words and pictures-with admiration and encouragement from Philadelphia Pennsylvania (I am g on your mom’s blog)-georgeanne


  2. Bon voyage from a former purser for Pan American World Airways!! P.S. To best cope with the effects of the dehydration caused by your long flights in a near-zer0-humidity environment, be sure to drink as much non-carbonated, non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages (water, if possible) as you possible can during the first 24-36 hours after you reach Dakka. You will feel much better faster!!


  3. Best of luck to you on this amazing journey! Looking forward to following along. (I am the lady that painted you in the poppies)


  4. Wishing all the best and praying for your safety. Can’t wait to hear about this journey. I admire your sense of adventure and courage. I love your Mom and her blog,have kept up with you thru that for years it seems. God bless and keep you. I know you will bring much sunshine to the lives of those you encounter


  5. So delighted to follow you on this most wonderful journey. Thankful for your mother to connect me with your blog, Chelsea. May every day open new windows on ways to be of service to the people you have come to assist and, of course, to learn from.
    Kristin in Montana


  6. I’ve followed your Mom for nearly a decade. I have 2 vagabond kids also and my friends have always encouraged them so here is my “You go girl” Stay safe and inhale every moment so that you will have the memories for a lifetime.


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