First things first

I arrived yesterday morning, all went very smoothly… all is good.

I still haven’t found the words to describe this city. I’m in an overwhelming state, trying to realize that this is real, trying to take it all in…

So I could write about passing airport security with a suitcase containing wine, cheese and ham, or about my first impressions, about the Bengali New Year and the beautiful Sarees, the crazy driving, the hundreds of colorful Rickshaws, the constant honking and dust in the air, meeting my new roomates, dining on the 26th floor of a modern tower… but I’ll keep that for another time.

First things first.

After lunch with my new manager yesterday afternoon, I went shopping. (For those who don’t really know me, let me just mention that shopping is not really my thing.) I needed appropriate clothes for work and that meant acquiring a few Salwar Kameez… oh my…

But is was a success, these are the ones I chose:



I went to work today wearing the blue one… and I felt like I had my PJs on.

I still have to learn to manage the shawl (Dupatta I think it is called)





Where to buy a Salwar Kameez in Dhaka ? I went to Aarong and Jatra



15 thoughts on “First things first

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  1. It’s so exciting to get your blog!!! I read your mama’s entry this morning & immediately clicked over to your site! I know everything will go smoothly for you- what an adventure! Enjoy the new clothes- they are wonderful…


  2. Coucou Chelsea,
    I know of you through your mom’s blog😊 I am so happy for you that you have this opportunity! You are amazing – best to you. I look forward to hearing about your adventures. The clothes look very comfortable, similar to Pj’s. Joyeuses Paques!


  3. You look so wonderfully modern comfortable and like you have done this before-the shawl element is probably the way most of the world feels when a French girl does her scarf -like “how can I do that?” -I am sure it will come-Happy Easter – my favorite is the red one- red is my favorite color and the contrast with the white is lovely so eye catching in a ethnic way-wishing you the very best every second of the day-georgeanne

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  4. Thank you for letting us get a glimpse of a part of our world I have yet to see. Wishing you all the best. Be strong and embrace this new aventure with wonder and open arms. Jan


  5. Chelsea, thanks for the opportunity to “travel” with you on this adventure. It’s inspiring to see a young professional women taking on a responsibility that has a positive impact on the world.

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  6. Thank you for creating a blog so that we can follow your adventure!. I am very interested in hearing all about the work you will be doing to benefit the people of this country. p.s. I can’t decide between the red outfit or the yellow for my favorites. Are they comfortable in the heat?


  7. Wow, I’m sure it’s all just a bit overwhelming, all new experiences are. You look lovely and fresh in the new clothing. It will soon be second nature. Thinking of you in the new job and wishing for you to have great insight in it. Be at peace knowing your family, friends and blog community are holding you close. Happy Easter today. Slay it out there this week!

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  8. Hello dear Girl,

    You are on a great adventure, one where you will meet yourself and grow. I did my meditation with Deepak and Oprah today and the theme was: “In hope, I am fearless.” I know you are hopeful because you have embarked on the journey so may you live in the present and nurture your hope for an excellent learning experience. May you be fearless in the face of adversity and may you come home all the richer for it.


  9. Love your Salwar Kameez. You’re so pretty they all look beautiful. You’ can use them for pj’s when you get home😉 I also follow your Mom’s blog and wanted to follow your new adventure. Hope you had a Happy Easter 🐰🐣. Have fun


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