Tea Time

After lunch at work we sometimes face the heat and go out for tea. As you may have seen on my Instagram story, today was one of those days (and I am here to say I did not melt away).

There are small vendors out on the street right outside the office:


We had LAL CHA (red tea). It cost 5 taka (0.06 € / $)

Milk Tea is also available. I’ll have that one next time so I can show you.


Green lemon, ginger & sugar are added to hot water with a tea bag (usually Ceylon).

Can you guess what the other ingredient is ? (those little black things flotting)


Black cumin seeds, whose oil is said to have many benefits for health & beauty.

Do you ever use Black Cumin Seeds? I’d be curious to know how..




4 thoughts on “Tea Time

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  1. I am licking my lips just guessing what that tea might taste like-I am a coffee drinker so tea drinks(I do not drink ice tea or ice coffee for that matter) but love the mixture of elements of certain teas -like Moroccan mint tea-TRULY the best tea I ever had in Morocco in a small restaurant-so your tea excites me-I douse cumin seeds , as well as ground in cooking via recipes-mostly Indian and I like the layer of flavor added-cannot wait to hear about the milk tea


  2. Hi Chelsea
    Never heard of black cumin seeds. Will have to check them out. So surprised at cost of the tea…6 cents..unbelievable!!! Is every thing so reasonable?
    Love reading your blog…so interesting. Thanks


  3. Just read that King Tut was buried with a bottle of black cumin seed oil.Suppose to be very good for you. Does it taste bitter?


  4. Never heard of that. So of course you are going to bring some home? Does it taste like cumin? You know Va calls cumin “Coming See”. lol. Miss you Sweetheart xxx


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