eTa ki # 2 => Answer

Yes, Debra Riley, you are right !! Khub Bhalo !! (That means, “very good”)

“Evil eyes are absorbed through that black spot.”

The black mark is khol put on children’s forehead to protect them from the evil eye. This is not a religious traditions but a superstitious one still found in many rural areas of Bangladesh and in Dhaka as well.

You can read more about folk beliefs & practices, here.

I’ve also seen black strings tied around children waist. I think it serves the same purpose of protecting the child from the evil.


This is Abdullah and his mother. They live in my neighborhood. I’d rather not give cash to people on the street, so I usually walk to the nearest store with them and buy some food. She wanted powedered milk for the baby and rice.







7 thoughts on “eTa ki # 2 => Answer

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  1. I am very much enjoying your perspective on life in Bangladesh. I think your way of supporting the people is perfect! Precious picture, by the way, of mother and baby. Enjoy (what looks to be) a very rewarding adventure!


  2. Chelsea the ripple you create in giving to your neighbors will be of endless benefit to receiver and giver-that is the thing about throwing a stone in the water- the ripple goes till the next shore…. hits and ripples back out again… endless in its cycle-love the picture of mother and child!


  3. What a lovely picture you took. The eyes on the mother and baby were so large and she looked so serene. I also liked your thinking of going to the store to shop with them.


  4. Well that was interesting. Symbolic gestures have power don’t they? I like to think so. Is this the mom and child you told me about? Are you still buying for them? xxx


  5. Love your blog and all the stories of your time in Bangladesh. Fascinating to hear about their culture and life there. Found you as a longtime reader of your Mom’s blog. Best wishes for more meaningful times during your adventures in a different land.


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