Cox Bazar

I finally had a 2 days week end, so my friends and I decided to “explore” the south of the country and headed to Cox Bazar.

We all bought tickets for the night bus leaving Dhaka at 10pm. The ride is supposed to be about 9 hours. Perfect, we would arrive early in the morning.

When I told my manager about our plans, she answered “oh but you’re not allowed to take the night bus. It’s not safe enough. I am responsible for your safety. You’ll have to take the plan tomorrow morning instead.”


I was a bit disapointed, but there was no negociating. So I bought a plane ticket. (About 50$). I told my friends I would meet them the next morning wherever they were.

… To make a long story short, I landed in Cox Bazar at 10:45am after a 45 minute flight from Dhaka. Took a tricycle to our hotel. Called my friends… they were still in the bus! So I checked in.. waited a bit… relaxed… walked on the beach… had lunch… They finally arrived around 3pm while I was taking a nap.

400km – 17 hours – Yep, welcome to traffic in Bangladesh. I am SO GLAD I had to take the plane. Definitely worth the extra 30$.

Cox Bazar is close the Burmese border. It has the longest beach front in the world. It just goes on and on for 120km. Sand as far as you can see.


Fishing for crabs.


As crazy as it seems I forgot my camera… So I had to rely on the iPhone.

We took pictures on the boots. But then found out that women are not allowed on the boats… “It’s bad luck for business“.

Another anecdote, the hotel had a spa so we asked about massages (after 17 hours in a bus my friends really deserved a massage) but the receptionnist told us “No, sorry, massage only for the gents. No ladies. Thank you”   What!? WHY ? Urgh…


We drove through the back roads to visit temples, stopping for coconuts along the way…


It was a short trip, but it felt great to escape the city, hear the ocean and relax … 🙂




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  1. Love your posts Chelsea! I am Sophie Epton’s mom and my husband John and I are good friends with your wonderful parents. We hope to meet you one day soon! In the meantime we will enjoy your posts from Bangladesh!

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  2. So do you and your friends work for the same company?how come they could take the bus but you couldn’t just curious sounds like a fantastic adventure you’re on


  3. Lucky you were forced to fly. Not being able to ride a boat or get a massage provides additional insight into the lives of the women you see on the streets everyday.

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  4. What a great adventure you are on! I love reading your posts and think you are a very brave young woman. (I am the lady that painted you running in the poppy field).

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  5. We so enjoy your Bengali Notes. This is a part of the world we haven’t been to and now, as middle octogenarians, we won’t be visiting. Just vicariously with you, thank you.


  6. Oh my,what an adventure you are on. From your photo you all look barefoot. Did you have shoes or do you go barefoot all day? Love your blog…thanks for sharing.


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