Mango Season

It’s been awhile but all is good..

Mango season has officially arrived! Mangoes are all over… and that makes me really happy… Fresh mangoes or juice is now a daily habit 😉


We visited Old Dhaka yesterday which is a buslting area in the south of the city near the Buriganga River. Mango shipments, amongst many other things, were arriving by boat.


Mangoes for sale are all over the city like in the picture above. The price is about 100 BDT (1,2$) for a kilo (about 3 mangoes)

I usually cut the mango in little cubes or just peel it an eat it like a banana.

A woman at work told me that people here loved to blend the mango with milk and mix it with rice. It haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds good.

I know I’m missing out on apricots, strawberries and melon in France… but I can’t complain when mangoes, litchis, pineapple and coconuts are all over.



The picture above isn’t good but you can see the first truck full of banana’s and the one behind was unloading pineapples. Such huge quantities.


Oh! and watermelon, papaya, guayava, jackfruit are in season too…


8 thoughts on “Mango Season

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  1. So good to get your update- the pictures of yummy fruit made it even better! Need to rush out and stock up on a bigger variety of goodies. Thank you for the inspiration!!!


  2. Love all your photos. You can also make delicious smoothies with banana, mango, pineapple and coconut milk or mango pudding/custard. We have a place in our Chinatown, Chicago that makes the best fresh mango pudding.


  3. Glad you are well..I asked your mom the other day if you were ok…did you get caught in the hurricane?
    Your blog was very interesting…had never heard of jackfruit before…google it…very nutritious…do you like it? Would love to taste it. Your time in Bangladesh is growing short…bet you will be glad to see your honey and family. Take care..P.


  4. What a feast of fruit! I particularly savor the lychee, with its delectable flavor and texture.

    I hope that the recent cyclone did not devastate the beach you haves visited and the surrounding towns as much as the media reported. Bangladesh is particularly vulnerable to the ravages of climate change.


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