Ship Breaking in Dhaka

Did you know that “Bangladesh has a long history of shipbuilding dating back to the early modern era” ? “Bangladesh also has the world’s largest ship breaking industry which employs over 200,000 Bangladeshis and accounts for half of all the steel in Bangladesh”


My friends and I visited Old Dhaka two weeks ago and one of the places we went to was a ship breaking / repair yard.
Huge boats are parked on the embankment, waiting to be repaired or dismantled.

Fascinating. Dangerous. Outrageoulsy unsafe working conditions. Intense.

I’d like to share some pictures that will describe the place better way than any of my words…

Also, this article from the Guardian “beautifully” illustrates what “Working in a Bangladesh shipyard” means.




This is a metal workshop where propellers are made. The molds are made in the ground.

It was a Friday so there wasn’t much activity going on… but take a look at these amazing pictures on google.


And as always, children asked us to take their picture …





5 thoughts on “Ship Breaking in Dhaka

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  1. I am left speechless it is like a place of opposites-long history of ship building-outdated working conditions-and as always the children are beautiful!


  2. I so enjoy your journey. Any insight as to why there’s trash everywhere? Why aren’t people employed just to clear filth? I ask this in other third world nations I visit.


    1. Good question! People do pick up trash, go through it to recycle plastic, metal… but I’m not sure there is a proper waste management process so it just gets moved from one place to another… ending up in rivers or landfills… Seeing a garbage can is rare…


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