Oh, Incredible India !

New Delhi is so organized and clean and modern compared to what I’ve seen lately. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective! I did see cows on the street though 😉


I spent 3 days here after doing some field visits (in the middle of nowhere…) with another Social Business partially financed by danone communities called Naandi that provides access to safe drinking water in rural areas in India.

Time off felt good. New Delhi didn’t have the same surreal feeling as Calcutta but I had a great time exploring the city. Time for myself, time to think about the past months and everything I’ve experienced…

What I enjoyed the most:

  • Dinner with hundreds of other people, served by volunteers at the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib and learning a bit about the Sikh religion.


  • Peaceful early morning visit to the Humayun Tomb that is said to have inspired the Taj Mahal architecture.


  • Admiring Street Art in the Lody Colony
  • Spending a night in the cool HOG hostel (best deal ever if you’re ever in New Delhi, 5€ night) and meeting backpackers from all over… and wanting to follow them on to the next adventure.
  • Spoiling myself with 3 nights at the gorgeous Scarlett Guesthouse Ah! the taste of comfort, chocolate cake & white wine…  (Thanks Lauren, for the tip!)
  • Walking under the rain to the Lotus Temple, a Bahá’í House of Worship, and just sitting there for awhile.


  • Street food, always !


I’m happy. So grateful for the wonderful time I spent in India.. And a bit sad too knowing that all this is coming to an end…

Sitting in the plane. It usually seems to be a time to reflection for me. This is what I wrote:

“Taking off.  Sad to be leaving India already. I’ll admit I was a bit anxious about spending a week here alone. I’d always wanted to travel to India but didn’t know what to expect. Now I wish I could have just picked up my backpack and hopped onto a bus, moving on to the next hostel, meeting other travelers, tasting street food, sharing a beer, hearing stories and wondering what I would discover next…
It’s a bittersweet feeling. The happiness of the previous days still vividly alive, my heart charged from the new experiences, my mind and soul refreshed (rebooted almost) with new ideas and hopes, the feeling of contentment that comes from learning about a new culture / place and discovering a bit more about myself along the way as well … And the reality of moving on, to the next chapter, hoping I’ll be back to India someday, like I’ve said about most of the other places I have travelled to. Leaving a piece of me here and taking a piece of this with me. Knowing that I have grown. Because each experience changes me just a bit.

Looking out the window, into the big blue sky (and to the most beautiful clouds I’ve ever seen.) Thinking of when and where I’ll feel like this again. Thinking of all the places I’ve been to, all the small bumps along the way, the unexpected changes, insignificant moments, serendipity, awkward times that make you laugh, random smiles, fears, joys… that make me who I am today. Being so grateful and hurting at the same time, feeling like my heart is being spread out like butter all over this beautiful world of ours.”

Life 🙂




10 thoughts on “Oh, Incredible India !

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  1. Chelsea, this was so beautifully written. It reminds me of how your mother feels when she leaves a part of herself in either the US or France. Have you seen the movie The Marigold Hotel? It shows the richness if life amidst the chaos of India! Thanks for your blog.

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  2. Lovely. Can Paris hold you after this. Maybe a major life change is ahead, or maybe just a new perspective.


  3. Oh sweet Chelsea…you are a beautiful person…inside and out…I so admire your sense of adventure…Thank you for sharing the past 3 months with us. Hope to hear from you and your blog soon. Always a day brighter.
    Hugs from Minnesota…God bless… travel safe…Pam


  4. What a beautiful post, Chelsea, ending with the most gorgeous photograph of an aircraft wing and clouds taken from the aircraft’s window that I’ve ever seen! Having visited Delhi, New and Old, alone when I was a female of your age, and having loved being there, I find your comments absolutely fascinating. I came to that city from Moscow (where I was an American studying Russian), and Delhi was an astounding, almost overwhelming, contrast to the bleak, wintertime Soviet Moscow. Every one of your photographs is beautiful, and I hope you post more (including some street scenes, s.v.p.). I can’t help but be glad to see that there still are holy cows ambling down the street. Looking forward to more but very grateful for what you already have posted, Leslie


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