Sesh Bangladesh*

*Bangladesh, the End.

This is it. My amazing 3 months experience in Dhaka is coming to an end…

It feels like I got off the plane yesterday and that that I’ve been here for years.

It’s strange how new habits settle in, how one adapts to a foreign environment and recreates a safe haven.

Things that seemed really complicated a few weeks ago (such as crossing the street with on coming traffic) have now become part of daily life and I don’t even think about them anymore.

I love the awareness that being in a completely unfamiliar place brings. When all my senses are alert, and I’m 100% in the present moment. My mind is way too focused on what’s going on to be distracted by any side thoughts… then little by little habits kick in and “first times” are repeated day after day… allowing for other details to be noticed and appreciated.

I was trying to summarize my time in Bangladesh, this is what comes to mind:

The most unexpected: so much garbage everywhere.

What I miss the most: being able to walk everywhere

The most Intriguing: when and where the men pray. I never seem to notice when they leave from their desk during the day.

What amazes me: the trucks! (And the few numbers of accidents considering the crazy traffic and driving)

The most Surprising: most marriages are still arranged.

The most Chocking: labour conditions

The most Frustrating: being assisted in everything I do.

The funniest: misunderstandings from the language difference

The Hardest: the cultural differences in time & priority management (at work) / the humidity (in general)

The easiest: the food (if you like rice and don’t mind spicy food). (But I do really miss a big fresh salad! And Cheese!)

The most Nerve racking: the constant honking

The best: everyone’s kindness and helpfulness


The happiest: when I pick up on words and understand what people are talking about.

The most disappointing: i didn’t find a yoga class that matched my schedule. But I discovered “yoga with Adriene” on tube. And I absolutely love her.

What I Love: the fact that everything is completely different and that I learned so much (professionally & personnally) + the mangoes of course.

What I am the moste Thankful for: my roommates !!! I do believe that wherever you are, the people you are with make up for a huge amount of your well being. And I can say that my time here would have been much harder if i hadn’t had such great roommates.
Other random thoughts

– I don’t hear much music

– The smell hasn’t shocked me. It doesn’t smell particularly good on the streets (spices, incense, food cooking…) but it doesn’t usually smell bad either

– This country loves taking selfies

– The rainy season makes things a bit more complicated as roads flood quickly. (It took me over 3 hours to cover 12km and get home one evening)

– I was expecting to see more poverty and misery. Of course the country is poor and a huge part of the population in below the poverty line… but resilience seems stronger than sadness or suffering. Or maybe I’ve protected myself so it wouldn’t be emotionally hard.. I don’t know.





14 thoughts on “Sesh Bangladesh*

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  1. Thank you for all the entries you have made on your blog- I can’t imagine how much time it took!!! I have learned so much from you- so many unexpected things. I’m so happy that the time you have spent enriched your life so much- and it seems in surprising ways. I know your coworkers will miss you- you have added to their lives in ways you’ll probably never know.
    I know your family has missed you but I believe they have encouraged you in every way (they seem to be adventurous,too!). Please keep all of us up to date on your future plans…


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences in Bengali. I probably will never travel there, and now I have just a little idea of what it must be like, thanks to you. Pat

    Sent from my iPad



  3. this post is wonderfully honest and beautiful-the benefits of tangible and intangible experiences..that stay with us a lifetime… I shall miss your posts!


  4. You are a remarkable young woman! Thank you for sharing your experiences with your readers with such enthusiasm and insight. As others have written I have learned so much from your insights into a part of the world I know so little about… and your photos were wonderful in showing daily life there… I have shared several with others.
    I do hope you continue your blog in whatever you do next,
    Bette Lee Collins, Red Bluff, CA


  5. Thank you so very much for taking the time to do the blog, photos and making it all so interesting. It will be something you will remember throughout your life. Thank you for sharing 🙂


  6. I loved following along here, on your blog. I thank you for all the effort and time you spent, so we could learn about someplace new. Have a safe and joyful trip home.


  7. I have enjoyed your mom’s blog for years and it has been a real pleasure following your adventures in Bangladesh. You are a gifted writer and I hope you continue with your blogging!


  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking us with you and doing such a good job sharing information and experiences. What a tribute you are to your company and even more important, to your family. Godspeed


  9. Thank you so much for taking us along on this incredible adventure. You will return home a changed woman, and I am excited to read about what you will be doing, and seeing next! Best wishes, always!


  10. Thanks for sharing your journey and how you feel. It allows me a qlimpse into Bengali. Wonderful memories and a chance for you to look back years from now and reminisce ❤️


  11. Dear Chelsea,

    Three months of adventure do go very fast. You’re a very lucky young lady who stretches boundaries to explore new places and meet new people. I admire you and thank you for sharing your experiences through your blog. You did a wonderful job and I will miss reading about you for now, who knows what the future holds, I’m sure it will be happy.

    May you have a safe journey home.

    Bon Voyage!

    Villa Kerr of Fox Island (Tell your Mother hello : )



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