Sesh Bangladesh*

*Bangladesh, the End. This is it. My amazing 3 months experience in Dhaka is coming to an end... It feels like I got off the plane yesterday and that that I've been here for years. It's strange how new habits settle in, how one adapts to a foreign environment and recreates a safe haven. Things... Continue Reading →


eTa ki # 2 => Answer

Yes, Debra Riley, you are right !! Khub Bhalo !! (That means, "very good") "Evil eyes are absorbed through that black spot." The black mark is khol put on children's forehead to protect them from the evil eye. This is not a religious traditions but a superstitious one still found in many rural areas of... Continue Reading →

Barefoot workers

There's a lot of road work going on here and the working conditions are just crazy! And there are no barriers or signs to warn pedestrians either... It seems so unsafe ... worlds appart from "Safety first" like we say at work all the time. Just take a look at these pictures:

Ma’am, picture!

One of the things I like during the "store visits" is to see all the children. They are always so playful and happy. Usually they gather around and stare at me (or any other foreign person) for a really long time. They follow us for awhile. And after a few minutes, start to laugh and... Continue Reading →

What I’m doing here

Another week has gone by and I haven’t had time to write. The project I am here to work on is taking off and the days are just not long enough... So just what exactly am I working on? I work in Supply Chain management and I am in Dhaka to help the local team... Continue Reading →

Front page news 

In France (at least in my previous jobs), after lunch we would usually go for a 10-15 minute coffee break before getting back to work. That hasn't been happening here although I think I spotted tea stands out on the street... so that might be me a new habit in the near future. In the... Continue Reading →

The drive home

A driver picks me up in the morning and drops me home in the evening. I do not have my own driver, usually I ride with my manager and her driver. But she is currently out of town. Another person's driver has been picking me up in the morning but in the evening I use... Continue Reading →

A walk around my neighborhood

The week ends here are on Friday and Saturday. I work every other Saturday but I had this one off. My roomates and I wanted to go to Sonargaon which is about an hour away but when we woke up on Saturday it was pouring rain so we decided to stay home instead. When the... Continue Reading →

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