What to expect…

Some instagram accounts I found that picture life in Bangladesh : Natural Bangladesh Bangladesh Foods Tanvir Ahmed Parash Okay well that's all for now actually ... I'll try to post some of my own when I get there ! → Follow me on Instagram (see below) Blog about Bangladesh and living in Dhaka as a... Continue Reading →


[Podcast] “Dhaka Ville Resiliente”

Super podcast qui parle de Dhaka et de Grameen Danone ! Dans cette interview de 2014 sur RFI, Corinne Bazina, ancienne directrice de Grameen Danone parle de son expérience et de la beauté de cette ville qui semble d'abord laide et chaotique ... Cliquer ici pour accéder au podcast

Random information

Here are some details about what awaits in Dhaka, the Bengali capital : (In a totally random order) - I will be living in the diplomacy quarters (the other areas are too dangerous) - I should avoid going to the movies or anywhere crowded - It's best to avoid routine and being in the same... Continue Reading →

How it started

Feb 27th – 5:30pm I just got off the phone… I think I’m going to Bangladesh … IN A MONTH ! This is actually happening !! … Like for real ! 3 months in Bangladesh ! The countdown begins ! I’m so excited and scared (but in a good way) and all I can say... Continue Reading →


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