Hi again

I've been wanting to write. To log back on and share my thoughts and feelings about being home, about readapting to the Parisian groove, about transitions, choices, about Social Business in Paris, about summer, my new job, getting engaged, my brother moving away, trying to prepare for a 20K... trying to live a more conscious... Continue Reading →


Thoughts on traveling

I love going away to a foreign country. I think it's an amazing experience. Seeing new places, meeting new people, tasting new foods and recipes, learning a few words, hearing different music, wearing special clothes... Habits are changed. I tend to be more aware. Not completely in control, feeling a bit vulnerable, or more dependant... Continue Reading →

Oh, Incredible India !

New Delhi is so organized and clean and modern compared to what I've seen lately. I guess it's all a matter of perspective! I did see cows on the street though 😉 I spent 3 days here after doing some field visits (in the middle of nowhere...) with another Social Business partially financed by danone communities... Continue Reading →


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