The Trucks

I posted a picture of the Jute truck a few days ago but I just wanted to show you a few more pictures of trucks because I am completely fascinated / terrified (OK that might be exagerated) by them! On the way to Bogra, in the North, I'd say 80 % of all vehicules on... Continue Reading →


eTa ki # 2 => Answer

Yes, Debra Riley, you are right !! Khub Bhalo !! (That means, "very good") "Evil eyes are absorbed through that black spot." The black mark is khol put on children's forehead to protect them from the evil eye. This is not a religious traditions but a superstitious one still found in many rural areas of... Continue Reading →


Last week I was in Bogra which is in the North of Bangladesh, about 190 km from Dhaka. It usually takes about 5 hours but we left at 6am and the trafic was so heavy that we didn't arrive until 2pm. I am so glad I sleep like a baby in the car (it helps... Continue Reading →

Tea Time

After lunch at work we sometimes face the heat and go out for tea. As you may have seen on my Instagram story, today was one of those days (and I am here to say I did not melt away). There are small vendors out on the street right outside the office: We had LAL... Continue Reading →

eTa Ki #1 =>> answer

And the winner is.... "Mom a Far"! I promise, there was no cheating 🙂 "I like being on this side of a guessing game. Hum, since Bangladesh is a major textile exporter… and given the other guesses… I am going to guess rolls of Jute?" Yes JUTE it is. And this is a Jute field:... Continue Reading →

eTa ki #1

"eTa ki" in Bengla means "what is this ?" I have been in the North of Bangladesh, near Bogra, for the past few days to visit the Grameen Danone factory as well as local milk farmers and see how the Shokti ladies work. It's been so fascinating to learn about the whole process and also... Continue Reading →

Barefoot workers

There's a lot of road work going on here and the working conditions are just crazy! And there are no barriers or signs to warn pedestrians either... It seems so unsafe ... worlds appart from "Safety first" like we say at work all the time. Just take a look at these pictures:

Ma’am, picture!

One of the things I like during the "store visits" is to see all the children. They are always so playful and happy. Usually they gather around and stare at me (or any other foreign person) for a really long time. They follow us for awhile. And after a few minutes, start to laugh and... Continue Reading →

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